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  • M151

    First of the M151's, designed and built by Ford Motor Company from 1960, to replace the M38 and M38A1 jeeps used in Korea.

  • M151 A1

    The second version of the M151, produced by Ford from 1964.

  • M151 A1C

    The variant of the M151 A1 equipped with a recoiless rifle.

  • M151 A1D

    The tactical nuclear variant.

  • M718

    A front-line ambulance

  • M151 A2

    The revised A151, produced from 1970, and still in service 1999.

  • M718 A1

    The front-line ambulance variant of the A2

  • M825

    A variant of the A2 equipped with recoiless rifle.

  • M151 A2 FAV

    The Fast Assault Vehicle variant.

  • M151 A2 TOW

    The TOW anti-tank missile variant of A2.

  • M1051

    The fire-fighting variant.

  • MRC108

    The Forward Air Control variant of the M151 A2.

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    Click on the link on the LHS Menu Bar to open up the sub-menu. You will find tips about verifying the age of an M151, taxing, insuring and registering it for the UK roads

  • Restorations

    When you feel that restoration is driving you crazy, take a look here and find advice, inspiration, and just a little touch of madness...

  • Rollover Problems?

    The M151 series are all, to some degree, "tarred with the same brush". But how much have the rollover problems been exagerated?

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THE M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck
1978 M151 A2, owned and restored  by Simon Frogley

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