The M151 A1

In 1964 Ford built the replacement to the M151... the M151 A1. Despite special training being given to drivers of the M151, there were still too many accidents caused by its tendency to rollover when cornered too sharply. Much of this problem was a driver-training issue, as personnel had to become accustomed to driving a vehicle designed specifically for off-road use, on roads. However, this fact was worsened to some degree by the very things that made the jeep so versatile on rough terrain. There were minor changes in the rear suspension, such as stiffer components, firmer mountings and an extra rubber bump-stop to reduce rebound. However, the main aim of these changes were to enable the jeep to take heavier loads, rather than to be more stable, and the essential design of the rear suspension remained unchanged.

The causes, problems and remedies concerning the rollover
issues have been discussed on their own page of this website, but suffice it to say here that the measures taken by Ford when building the M151 A1 were insufficient, and accidents still occurred in unacceptable numbers.

Identifying the M151 and M151 A1 in photographs is not always easy. They both have the split screen, high windscreen wipers, and the same shape to their wing tops. The A1, however, had one easily visible (in a clear photograph!) difference - it had turn signals added to the top of the fenders -the bottom photograph of the military police vehicle shows one clearly.

11th Armoured Cavalry with two M151 A1s
11th Armoured Calvalry with two M151 A1s.
Photograph courtesy American Government, from the Olive-Drab Collections

M151 A1 with Fording Kit
An M151 A1 fitted with a fording kit.
Photograph courtesy American Government, from the Olive-Drab Collections

Military Police Using an M151 A1
Military Police with an M151 A1.
 Photograph courtesy American Government, from the Olive-Drab Collections

An A1 appearing in the TV Series, Quantum Leap, 1989-93

A1 in Sgt. Bilko Movie

An M151 A1 that appeared in the 1994 movie, Sgt. Bilko

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