The M151 A2

An A2 nearing the end of its restoration at Stockbridge Vintage Rally, 2011. The trailer is a British Sankey, please note, not the U.S. M416 that was made for the M151's. Restoration and photograph copyright: Simon Frogley

The M151 and M151 A1 generations of the M151 both had independent suspension all round, with swing axles, similar to what we see in the VW Beetle. This could cause over-steer, which was obviosly dangerous on the road, and the increased chance of rollover.

Among other improvements, the M151 A2 was designed to decrease the incidence of rollover, and so it was decided to alter the rear suspension. One consideration was the use of a live axle (also called solid-axle, beam, or dead-axle), but this was quickly dismissed as it would make the vehicle far less agile over rough terrain, and a semi-trailing rear suspension was used instead.

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