M718 A1 Ambulance

An M718 A1 with US Medics, August 1978. Photo: Olive-Drab

The M718 A1 ambulance was basically an A2 (not an A1 as the name suggests), configured to carry seated patients or upto three litters. To accomodate the litters the ambulance variants are 10" longer than the M151 A2's, and 5" higher. They are also wider, by virtue of the fact that the spare tyre and petol can are mounted on the side of the vehicle.  As the earlier M718, it was ideal for negotiating the rough terrain to bring wounded quickly away from the front line and trenches.

Above and below are two photographs of an M718 A1 model, beautifully made and photograph
 kindly supplied by Sean Hadfield.

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