The M825 Weapon Carrier

The M825 variant was produced  as a weapon carrier, being fitted with an M40 106mm recoiless rifle, mounted at the rear. of the truck. It largely replaced the M151 A1C Weapons Platform.

M825 with Soldiers from Combat Support Company, 2nd Battalion, 187th Infantry.
The munition being loaded into the breech of the M40 is an M581 106 mm
antipersonnel-tracer (APERS-T) round. Photograph sourced through Olive-Drab and courtesy of US Army,
taken at the Army Tropic Test Center, Panama Canal Zone, 1984.

The M40 itself was a breech-loaded, single shot recoiless rifle, capable of firing anti-tank and anti-personnel rounds. It was light enough to be portable, so it could be used by a crew of two off of the weapon carrier's platform, on a ground tripod, yet was capable of firing artileery type shells with velocity and accuracy. Four varieants of the M40 were built, and mounted on a number of vehicles including the M38A1C, the M151C and the M274 mechanical mule, as well as the M825. They were replaced by the BGM-71 TOW , being phased out of the US Army late in 1970, and were redistributed to the reserves and depot stocks. The M40 series are, however, still used in service around the world.

USMC M-825 TOW missile variant of M-151A2 jeep rolls down the ramp of a utility landing craft during Marines' landing operations in Lebanon, September 1982. Photograph sourced through Olive-Drab and courtesy of US Army,

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