An Overview

Getting your M151 legal on the UK roads might seem like a daunting task - and it's unlikely to be an overnight process - but it is possible, and well worthwhile once you have a vehicle restored to useable, roadworthy condition. There will be some variations according to the age of the vehicle, the use that you hope to make of it, and perhaps even the area that you live in. These pages, then, are not a definitive guide of the process, but a collection of  suggestions that we have discovered through personal experience and hope might be of assistance to visitors.

As already mentioned, the process can vary, and is not always straight forward, so please ensure that you check that the information we are offering here is current and applicable to your personal situation. We have tried to collect together links and up-tp-date information, but cannot guarantee it's accuracy. Our best advice is for you to inform yourself as well as possible, consider the possibilities, then speak to a representative of your local DVLA office to ensure that you are making the the right decisions and providing them with the correct information. And our second piece of advice... however tempting it is, avoid gazing longingly at your half-completed restoration and booking it into a road-run for the end of the month... you will be amazed at how many complexities can arise when you are trying to rush that vehicle from the workshop to the highway! Click on the links below, or on the sub-menu to the left of page for more information.

We hope our experience will be of help to you, and that you get your treasure on the road with as little hassle as possible. If you have any queries or comments, please email us.

May all your journeys be safe ones.

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