In order to register your vehicle for the first time in UK you will need to produce a valid Insurance Certificate. This can be Fully Comprehensive or Third Party only, but it MUST cover the vehicle for road use, even if you do not intend to use it on public roads. Obviously if you have not yet registered your vehicle then you will not have its registration number. Be prepared to give the insurance company the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle, and they will use these to identify it with until you are able to give them the new registration number. you will normally be expected to provide this within 30 days. 

Once you have acquired your Registration Certificate you may, if you wish, notify DVLA that you will be keeping the vehicle off-road by completing a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) by phone, post or on-line and returning your tax disc to them. You will then be able to cancel your Insurance Policy and claim back any payment made for complete months outstanding on your tax disc. If you intend to do this then it would be wise to check the cancellation terms with your chosen insurer before taking out the policy. Be sure to reinstate insurance and retax before using the vehicle on the road again.

Mainstream Insurers and Brokers are very rarely able to quote for any vintage or military vehicles. However, there are several specialist companies who will provide Fully Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire and Theft cover. Note that the organisers of vintage "gatherings" will usually, and quite rightly, require exhibitors to carry Fully Comprehensive insurance on any vehicle on the site, even if it is transported to the show by trailer.

A list of specialist insurers is below, with telephone numbers and links to their websites. An Internet search may find others. An M151 that I personally insured in 2011(included additional driver under 25) was quoted by various companies premiums ranging from £280 to £1700, so I'd suggest shopping around! As with modern car insurers, not all companies will provide cover for young drivers. In 2012 I found Adrian Flux able to insure an under 25 driver only if he or she was the main driver - they could not be added to another person's policy as a second driver. Also the availibility of cover for young drivers had reduced considerably, or the premiums increased considerably, with other companies.

Unregistered vehicles may be insured using the chassis number, serial number or sometimes the ex-military registration number to identify them. Once the vehicle is registered it will be given a UK civilian registration number, and the Insurers should be notified of this as soon as possible.

Insurance Companies and Brokers who are usually able to offer insurance for ex-military vehicles are:

Adrian Flux - Tel.  0800  081  8989

Cherished Vehicle Insurance - Tel 0845 250 8269

Footman James - Tel. 0843 357 1973

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