If your vehicle was manufactured before 1st January, 1973 then it will be tax exempt, being classed as a "Historic Vehicle". Presumably this date will change over time, currently it means the car must be over forty years old. In the unlikely event that your vehicle is used for agriculture, forestry or horticulture and normally used only off-road, you could try applying for "limited use" classification, which is also exempt. This allows it to travel upto 1.5 miles on-road, between land occupied by the same person.

Note that if your vehicle is tax exempt, you will still have to apply for a tax disc and display it in the normal way - it will simply be free of charge. You will also be required to return it with a SORN declaration if you choose to take the vehicle off the road and keep it uninsured.

The amount of tax that you pay will be dependant upon the engine size, just the same as any other car - so don't expect it to be at reduced rate!

A word of wisdom to anyone hoping to "dodge" road tax by knocking a few years off of their vehicle's age (and yes, we have seen it done!). Be aware that in the case of an accident, you could find that you've voided your insurance cover!

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