Verifying Age

Once your vehicle is nearing completion you will need official verification of it's age. This is required by DVLA before they will register it with an age-related number plate. Sorry - they will not take your word for it, or that of a garage - you will need a written, signed, original letter from an organisation recognised by DVLA as being competant and experienced enough to verify the vehicle's details and confirm its date of manufacture. The M151's do not have an owner's or enthusiast's club equipped to do this, but there are more general organisations who might be able to help you. They will make a charge to cover the expenses of this work, unless you are a member.
Verification is just one advantage of membership into these groups - we'd suggest you look them up and see which is the right one for you.  Remember that these groups all rely on volunteer inspectors to check your vehicle and produce the neccessary paperwork for you. Whilst they are all keen individuals, they do have jobs and lives that must often come before their duties within the club! This could mean a long wait, especially if there is not an inspector living in your area. Help both the inspector and yourself by gathering as much information as you can to accurately ascertain the vehicle's age. They will need photographs - at least two - of the vehicle, plus photo's or rubbings of the data plate. Ensure that these are clear enough to be legible.

The Military Vehicle Trust is high on our list of recommendations. Click HERE to find their online form which begins the verification process. Another is Invicta Military-Vehicle Preservation Society. You will find contact details for their Age Verification Officer HERE.
In addition to these two, there are other groups able to authenticate applications to DVLA, many of which are more localised. A full list can be obtained from DVLA themselves, ask for Leaflet Number V765/1 when you order your registration pack, or download it as a pdf file from this page.

Before the date of a vehicle can be verified the restoration will need to be as near complete as possible - don't expect inspectors to date a bare chasis! But also bear in mind that you need to know its age yourself, in order to determine what work needs to be done to obtain an MOT.

If there is doubt as to the vehicle's age, or sometimes as a random check, DVLA will ask you to present the vehicle for their own inspection in addition to the verification provided by a vehicle enthusiast's club.

If you are unable to obtain enough dating or identifying evidence for a vehicle it will need to be registered on a "Q" plate. The "Q" registration number signifies that the age or identity of the vehicle is in doubt. Such vehicles will need to pass a Type Approval process, in the case of an M151 this will be a SIngle Vehicle Approval, or SVA test. Note that if this is the case then the vehicle will need to reach modern standards, which will mean that lights, for instance, cannot be authentic. Another disadvantage of "Q" registrations is that insurance premiums will be higher.

To bring this page right up to date, please read the MOT section of "ON THE ROAD".  Important new legislation will soon be coming our way from Brussels, making it very much harder - if not impossible - for historic vehicles to be registered and on the road UNLESS their age can be verified!

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