The M151's are infamous for their tendency to flip over... When they were decommisioned, the US Government gave orders for them to be crushed or quarterised (originally they were halved, but when it was discovered that ambitious restorers were welding two halves back together, more thorough means of  destruction were employed!) to ensure that they could not fall into the hands of inexperienced civillian drivers.

But was the M151 as guilty as it was deemed to be? It was, after all, designed to be used on very rough terrain by trained drivers. It was fast and agile - but never intended to be raced around tarmac roads...  The suspension was altered when the A2 was developed - and the problem reduced considerably - but still the M151's reputation seemed to have been tarred, and the A2 faired no better than the A1 when it reached the end of its in service life.

If you have experience of driving any member of the M151 family then we'd love to hear your thoughts on this question.

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